Plenary Session

Mobility – Assets, Systems and Policies

It’s often-said Fleet Managers are becoming Mobility Managers whilst almost every supplier of products and or services claim to be mobility providers. What does it all mean?

With a little help from a global case study we’ll unpack mobility to its core elements. This global player operates across developed and not so developed countries and successfully built a mobility strategy that is adaptable depending on the transport and systems maturity of each country and sub-region.

This plenary will provide you with absolute clarity on what mobility is and how changing business requirements, transport maturity and flexible policies can reduce costs and emissions.


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Yves Helven

Managing Director, Connector K.K

Yves Helven is MD at global Fleet and Mobility consultant Connector. He started his career at Ford Motor Company (Ford Credit plc.), worked for General Electric (GE Fleet Services) and TUV SUD (Fleet Logistics). Within Connector, Yves is specialized in enterprise solutions for Employee ground transportation. “The dedicated company car is still the backbone of enterprise mobility, but more and more companies and governments have started to introduce new tools to offer more flexibility to their staff or to increase the utilization rate of their assets.” Connector’s mission is to increase clients’ efficiency, improve asset utilization and enhance employee satisfaction rates. “Flexibility of solutions in combination with the deployment of 21st century tech leads to overall improvement of Fleet Management and generates savings,” says Yves.

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