Day 3 Schedule – Friday 24th May 2019

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, 1 Convention Place South Wharf VIC 3006

The Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition includes keynote addresses, plenaries and insightful presentations by experts and industry professionals. Topics have been thoughtfully chosen by the planning committee and represent issues across the industry.

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*Please note all topics are subject to change 

Women in Fleet Management

Women have been operating in fleet management for decades and a few have ascended to very senior roles within organisations. Whilst this is true, there remain many challenges for women within fleet.

Perhaps these challenges are no different for men in fleet management however one thing is different and that’s the limited number of women in senior roles. Further, fleet management roles can be a little insular to other fleet managers therefore limiting the opportunity to be a role model for other women in fleet.

This keynote will outline the journey of the US based Automotive & Fleet Leasing Association (AFLA) has been on with their Women in Fleet Management group.

*Content and speaker are subject to change.

Mobility Management – The Future and the Now!

Mobility as a Service (MaaS or MassService) is utopia but perhaps the first step is Mobility as a Solution (MaaSolution). Whilst we are some way from MaaService bringing every kind of transport together into a single intuitive mobile app. MaaSolution is here and now.

MaaSolution is about asset utilisation, be it your asset or someone elses. Most vehicle assets are used less than 10% of the time providing opportunities to do more with them such as vehicle pooling or realising it might be cheaper to use someone else’s assets.

In this session you’ll hear from the RACV about their new app Arevo. It’s represents the early stages of MaaService and we’ll explore some unique MaaSolutions. Thinking outside the square delivering substantial savings and improved services.

*Content and speaker are subject to change.

A Seat at the Table

A fleet managers role is challenging, multi-disciplined and often under valued within an organisation. How does the fleet manager maximise their influence, gain a seat at the management table and ensure their voice is heard.

This panel discussion looks at the role of a fleet manager in a number of operational environments, their responsibilities, experiences and practical ideas to influence outcomes and demonstrate value. It might seem simple enough, but going above and beyond takes strategy and an understanding of your organisational goals outside of fleet management.

Based on their own experiences, our experts will discuss winning solutions and open your mind to what is possible.

*Content and speaker are subject to change.

An Interactive Conversation on the Realities of Grey Fleet Management

This fully interactive session includes live polling and questioning from the floor. We’ll provide an overview of what is grey fleet is, its diversity, challenges and roadmap for organisational control.

There are so many questions about grey fleet. Does your organisation see grey fleet as part of their mobility solution, are they ignoring Australian Tax Office guidelines, are they fulfilling their Work Health and Safety obligations?

This is your chance to understand the issue, demystify the challenges and understand who’s in control. Bring your smartphone and join the session!

*Content and speaker are subject to change.

Fleet Insurance Costs: The Role of the Fleet Manager in Better Outcomes

Whilst fleet managers rarely are the purchaser of insurance for their fleets, the action of the fleet manager can have a direct impact on one of the most visible costs in fleet operations.

In this session Michael Graham of Mercurien Insurance will shed light on the factors that influence insurance pricing and the approach that insurers take to assessing your risk and in turn pricing the premium.

Whether you self-insure or transfer the risk to an insurer this session will provide practical actions that you can take to mitigate against premium increases in a hardening insurance market.

*Content and speaker are subject to change.

The Impact of Fatigue on the Transport Task

What is fatigue, how does it add to the risk of being involved in a collision and how do we manage it?The facts are both surprising and disturbing.

Fatigue has proven to be difficult to measure but its impact on a person’s ability to drive safely has been the subject of a number of studies with concerning results.

The presentation will focus on the impact of fatigue on all aspects of the transport task, from the steering wheel to the board room.

The most general factors that cause fatigue are lack of sleep, bad quality sleep and sleep demands induced by the internal body clock. Besides these general factors, prolonged driving (time-on-task) can increase driver fatigue, especially when drivers do not take sufficient breaks.

*Content and speaker are subject to change.

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