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Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, 1 Convention Place South Wharf VIC 3006

The Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition includes keynote addresses, plenaries and insightful presentations by experts and industry professionals. Topics have been thoughtfully chosen by the planning committee and represent issues across the industry.

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*Please note all topics are subject to change 

The Changing Face of Fleet Management

Whilst key elements and day to day tasks/functions of fleet management haven’t changed in decades, the deliverables have.

In this plenary you’ll hear from industry specialists from Australia, America and Belgium who’ll present their views on this changing landscape of fleet management. Think technology, IoT, data, safety, environment, mobility, strategy and knowledge loss.

Where are you on this 3-dimensional chess board of fleet management?

*Content and speaker are subject to change.

Vehicle Body & Equipment Fit-out – What’s on Offer?

Fleet vehicles are selected based on their fit-for-purpose cred. Body and equipment fit-out is no exception. The right body and equipment will maximise a vehicle’s payload, whilst providing an efficient and ergonomic design to protect the driver and provide a safe mobile workplace. It’s critical your vehicles body and equipment fit-outs are completed by experts who share the same values. With so many different options and providers in the market, the task can be time consuming.

Join us for a taste of what’s on offer as we speed date, as it were, four different suppliers without paying for a meal.

Each supplier will deliver a 10 minute presentation about their business outlining:

  • What they do?
  • Who they do it for?
  • What’s their point of difference?

This taste enriches your knowledge before exploring all suppliers of this category in the exhibition hall.

*Content and speaker are subject to change.

Technology, Technology, Technology!

Technology, technology, technology! It’s all happening, some of it within reach and others are closer to the landing a Tesla on the moon. The primary goal of fleet management is to provide an organisation with vehicles to deliver products and or services as cost effective and as safe as possible.

We all understand technology costs money and the old adage you need to spend money to make money, however there are some things in life that are free or not too expensive.

In this session you’ll hear from 3 organisations whose technology is designed to reduce your operating costs, increase safety outcomes and make your world a better place.

This Breakout Session is designed for delegates looking to learn more about some of the options available.

*Content and speaker are subject to change.

Not All Batteries are Created Equal

Hybrids, PHEV and EVs all use batteries but not all batteries are created equal. Batteries are made of different elements and therefore battery degradation can be different. The rate a battery is charged (fast or trickle charge) may affect its degradation and therefore its effective life.

In this session you will understand why some batteries are better than others, how to protect the life of your vehicle battery and importantly how to educate drivers to manage battery life.

*Content and speaker are subject to change.

The Mobility Revolution – From ADAS to Autonomous

Autonomous vehicles are the new buzzwords in the auto industry, and they will certainly affect the lives of our entire eco system from private road users to people & goods mobility; and we believe that the path to the autonomous future is through safety.

Jason Bloom, Mobileye’s regional director, will present about how collision avoidance technology is a fundamental building block of the autonomous future.

*Content and speaker are subject to change.

ANCAP: Influencing vehicle safety

In 2018, ANCAP’s independent vehicle safety requirements broadened significantly – introducing new and updated tests and adopting common test and assessment protocols applicable to the Australasian and European new vehicle markets.  Safety requirements will again be expanded in 2020 to encourage further safety improvements for the benefit of Australian fleets and general consumers.

A wide range of fleets have adopted vehicle purchase and use policies in recent years, requiring 5 star ANCAP safety rated vehicles.  ANCAP also recommends fleets consider vehicles with an ANCAP datestamp of no more than three (3) years to ensure safety currency and the dynamic inclusion of safety assist technologies.

In this session we’ll hear about the new requirements from 2020 and explore how organisations can incorporate a vehicle purchase and use policy which takes into account the latest safety advancements.

*Content and speaker are subject to change.

Using Technology to Drive a Safety First Culture

The workplace extends far beyond the four walls of the office. The vehicles that make up an organisation’s fleet are often fraught with the most danger, with statistics showing that over two thirds of all workplace fatalities occur in or around a vehicle.

This presentation will share an interesting case study about New Zealand Racing Board’s journey with Fleet management, Work Health & Safety and Telematics.

In late 2015 the New Zealand Racing Board’s (NZRB) Health and Safety Committee made a recommendation to consider implementing vehicle GPS for assisting in improving safe driving behaviours for its fleet of 126 plus vehicles and 800 plus employees. High accident and damage rates and increasing vehicle infringements were seen as an indicator of poor driving behaviours, while a 360 bowtie analysis confirmed this risk as the highest priority for the NZRB.

Since 2016 the NZRB has undertaken a journey of engagement with its workers in implementing the use of GPS, driver education & training, improvements in vehicle selection, combined with a balance of positive driving behaviour re-enforcement and an approach of accountability where due which has led to significant improvements in all areas of fleet safety for its workers.

Hear how this journey was undertaken by NZRB, considerations they had to take into account, and the results they have achieved to date with their workers and driver behaviour including the financial benefits that have resulted.

*Content and speaker are subject to change.

Commercial EV’s – Technology, What’s Available, Break-even Point & Emission Savings

Commercial electric vehicles are the holy grail for emission reductions for many fleets. These workhorses expel (spew) tonnes of Co2, noxious particulates yet are essential in many organisations. In part one of this session you’ll hear the story of SEA Electric and their world first Australian technology. They show us what’s possible and outline the break-even point for adopting this new technology.

In part two we’ll hear about Envirowaste and their journey with electric garbage trucks. You’ll be surprised what’s been achieved and whilst you might not need a garbage truck what about a tipper or other service body. The chassis and electric power trains is the same, you just change the body!

*Content and speaker are subject to change.

QLD’s Driver Distraction Project

The QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads is leading a national initiative to identify a range of solutions to address driver distraction from mobile phones and other devices.

Nicole will present on the Department’s use of design-led thinking methodology and a systems-based approach in better understanding this ‘wicked problem’ and developing suitable policy solutions with a focus on the role of fleet management.

Road Safety Risk – Master Class

The impact from road safety is huge! There are direct financial impacts, the often-unaccounted costs of personal strain not to mention legal and reputations risks to the business.

In this session you’ll hear from experts in risk management on the ballooning impact of road safety, how to assess your organisations capabilities and finally hear a case study from an organisation who’s been on a journey.

*Content and speaker are subject to change.

Road Safety – Arriving First

You’re driving to your next meeting, you hear the screech of tires, the smashing of metal, smoke and debris fills the air as your slam on your brakes.

To your horror two vehicles are strewn across the road in front of you. What do you do next?

Whilst we hope we’ll never face this situation, the fact is, the longer we spend on the road the higher our chances of being a first responder to the scene of an accident.

In this session you’ll hear from experts on what to do, how to do it, your obligations morally, legally and how to understand and cope with the trauma of dealing with this event. Attendees will be provided with a check list they can provide to their drivers to educate them encase they are involved in a similar situation.

*Content and speaker are subject to change.

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