2024 Australasian Fleet Education & Leadership Summit

  21st & 22nd MAY 2024 at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse Sydney

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Gaining Approval from your Employer

If you need help obtaining budget approval, we’ve drafted a customizable Request for Approval letter that you can cut and paste and send in an email to your supervisor to assist your cause.

As the largest fleet management event in Australasia, the 2024 Australasian Fleet Education & Leadership Summit provides a unique atmosphere where the fleet community can unite to have real conversations about its most common challenges.

  It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn from the industry’s leading experts about:

  Fleet Fundamentals; Learn about calculating the true costs for your fleet, employing best practices and encouraging safe and economical behavior;

  Current and Upcoming Technology – Get insight on your future fleet with information about how connected vehicles will affect your job, understanding data provided from new technologies as well as updates on new technologies that are both being utilized currently and on the horizon;

  Sustainable fleet management; Hear best practices, pioneering ideas from the leading fleet and successful strategies aimed to reduce the environmental impact through a combination of cleaner vehicles and fuels, fuel-efficient operation and driving;

  Efficiency; Explore topics such as strategies to improve safety, service and maintenance solutions, and driver education and may more.

Four steps to add value:

  Request for Approval letter – Customise and submit to your supervisor. Download the Approval Letter below

  Attach a formal proposal detailing the connection between what Australasian Fleet Education & Leadership Summit offers and your organisation’s core knowledge requirements

  List the sessions and workshops that are relevant to your organisation’s needs, including an outline of the topic and the key takeaways.

  Propose to deliver a post-summit presentation to your colleagues to share the lessons learned as well as potential solutions to existing problems.

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21 - 22 May, 2024

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