Breakout Session 

Transport Options for Your Net Zero Emissions Journey

Like all journeys there is a start, destination and hopefully a map to get there. The planned route may differ depending on your transport options (for example walking, riding, car, truck or a mode of public transport), the path/road structure, traffic congestions and of course the costs.  

Planning your transport transition is very similar in so far as there are several options and most if not all will be used given the different requirements of your transport needs. 

The road to net zero emissions is heavily influenced by available fit for purpose vehicles, vehicle replacement cycles, whole of life costs and your organisations desire to get there. 

In the session we’ll explore the different transport options available to reduce your emissions. 


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    Dan Hilson

    EO and Founder, Evenergi


    With over 15 years of experience delivering state significant energy and mobility projects, Daniel is now leading the way to transport electrification as Founder and CEO of Evenergi. Operating in Australia, Europe and Singapore, Evenergi is a technology enabled zero-emissions consultancy.  

    Helping fleets, automotive companies, government agencies and energy companies seize the opportunities of an eMobility future, Daniel sets strategic direction, is lead consultant on major projects and works as an advocate for zero-emissions transport. He holds a MComm and MEnv Sci and is a frequent speaker on eMobility and energy markets, providing trusted thought leadership for the industry. Daniel is a trusted advisor to state and federal governments and fleet managers around Australia. 

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