Executive Presence—What it is, why you need it, and how to get it

Do you secretly dream of walking into a room and instantly owning it? Maybe you’d like to charm others to better compete for a promotion or in a negotiation. Perhaps you just wish you could gain more respect and be taken more seriously. Many people consider ‘executive presence’ to be the differentiation factor in achieving these goals. But what is it? 

 Your mannerisms and how you dress and talk indeed factor into the equation. However, to the extent that ‘executive presence’ is about the appearance of you, it’s more about how people EXPERIENCE you. And that matters to both your success and that of your company. 

 While 51% of HR practitioners believe ‘executive presence’ is hard to define, 85% say they can easily spot it. 

And surveys show that ‘executive presence’ counts for a whopping 26% of what individuals need to get promoted into leadership positions. 

 Important fact: 

You don’t have to be an executive to have ‘executive presence’. It’s a soft skillset that’s undeniably shaped by emotional intelligence, and anyone can learn it! 

 This session will demystify ‘executive presence’ and get to the heart of the subject by sharing: 

  • Warning signs that you might lack executive presence 
  • Key reasons why executive presence impacts personal goals and business results 
  • Critical skills to master and techniques for building executive presence over time! 

 Participants who participate in this keynote presentation will leave with: 

  • Heightened level of self-awareness 
  • Increased understanding of the value of executive presence 
  • Practical ideas for self-improvement 
  • Newfound inspiration for taking accountability of one’s success 

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Lisa Panarello

Founder & CEO, Careers Advance


Lisa Panarello is the founder and CEO of Careers Advance, specializing in all areas of professional training and development, including interpersonal communication, leadership savvy, and career planning.

She is certified in Emotional Intelligence, DISC, and Driving Forces Assessments.

As a ‘change action’ partner, Lisa helps organizations improve talent retention and performance while coaching individuals in navigating challenging workplaces to turn frustrating job situations into exciting career journeys.

Since 2001, she has delivered hundreds of dynamic programs reaching more than a half a million people nationwide, empowering success-seekers to create the reality they want!

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