Breakout Session 

Leveraging Safety Insights to Create a Safe Driver Rewards Program

There is an abundance of evidence proving the return on investment when embracing telematics. Whilst organisations establish driver reporting, the best introduce gamification. 

The concept of gamification isn’t new as drivers are generally competitive and want to see their name at the top of leader boards however money is often a greater motivator than competition. Once ROIs are proven, there’s an opportunity to introduce a safe driver rewards program using some of the ongoing savings. 

While this may extend the payback period it also has the benefit of engaging more drivers thereby generating further savings and increased safety. 

This session will provide examples of real-world savings from introducing telematics, provide examples of driver safety gamification and explore the opportunity to introduce a safe driver rewards program. 

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Colin Sutherland

Chief Customer Officer, Geotab


Colin has been part of Geotab’s leadership team since its inception in North America and directs the company’s global sales growth. As Chief Customer Officer, Colin routinely participates in customer and partner consulting in the use of telematics as a data-centric tool for business transformation. Colin is a passionate evangelist for evolving the perception of fleet vehicles from cost centers to strategic data collection assets. A selected speaker at many telematics and related industry conferences worldwide, Colin maintains a fresh, industry-leading perspective on the importance of data enablement to help businesses understand how a focus on insights surrounding productivity, safety, sustainability, fleet management and regulatory compliance can help them to transform with data.

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