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Building Industry Comparative and Benchmarking Capabilities

AfMA is working with Fleetyr to develop industry comparative and benchmark reporting. Many organisations have developed KPI’s and benchmarking information based on their businesses historical performance but few if any are able to compare their results to other organisation.

AfMA’s ambition is to develop a system to ingest information to produce comparative data. Organisations will be deidentified in all reporting however you’ll know who you are and be able see how you compare to others.

Ultimately, you could be part of a comparative group of like industries where best practice is shared to drive improvements in operational management, thereby reducing costs.

In this roundtable session, we’ll outline our vision, here your thoughts and discuss how to participate in this trial.

This is your chance to flex your strategic muscles to drive mutually beneficial outcomes across the fleet industry.

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Mace Hartley

Executive Director, AfMA


With over 35 year’s commercial experience spanning retail automotive, general insurance and fleet management industries, Mace has been the Executive Director of the Australasian Fleet Management Association (AfMA) for the past 6 years.  

Mace holds an Associate Diploma in Accounting and held Key roles including CFO for a Sumitomo company, National Sales & Distribution Manager for Swann Insurance specialising in Fleet, Broker and New Markets and General Manager of Smartfleet Management with 42,000 vehicles under management. Mace is passionate about people development. He understands the best outcomes can only be achieved through mutually beneficial relationships. 

Tim Hill

CEO and Founder, Fleetyr 


Tim Hill is the CEO and founder of Fleetyr, a fleet data integration and analytics platform based in Brisbane. Fleetyr connects and cleans data across multiple sources, so you can make smarter business decisions. 

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